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No Matter The Size Of Your Company, Video Is Your Bridge To Success

Producing a video is a visual storytelling of your business that offers an opportunity to connect with your consumers and clientele. Simply Gold Productions, a Vancouver video production company, elevates your messaging and creates new opportunities for your business by conveying the right message through corporate videos. Whether you want to build your brand through testimonial videos or product videos or brand awareness videos, our corporate video production services handle it all for you.

Dynamic Sports Videography For Unforgettable Moments

With our specialized sports videography services, we capture every pivotal moment, every thrilling goal, and every triumphant victory with precision and artistry. Whether it’s for professional leagues, aspiring athletes, or sports brands, our team is dedicated to delivering compelling visual narratives that inspire and engage audiences. Step up your game with our innovative sports videography solutions and showcase the spirit of your sport like never before.

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We Create Brand Stories We Create Brand Stories

We Create Brand Stories We Create Brand Stories

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Video production is the process of making a video from start to finish, with a focus on the artistic elements of the production such as screenplay, filming, editing, and post-production. We provide a full range of video production services, including script writing, video editing, and post-production, from concept conception to final delivery.

According to a survey conducted by Wyzowl, an overwhelming 91% of businesses actively invest in corporate videos like brand awareness, testimonials, product videos and more recognizing video marketing its immense value as the ultimate marketing tool for any business. When executed effectively, corporate videos have proven to be a catalyst for boosting brand awareness, driving traffic to websites, generating valuable leads, and ultimately converting those leads into tangible business outcomes.

The journey of corporate, product or animated video begins with a genuine desire to deeply comprehend your objectives and goals for the video. We invest time and effort in fostering a collaborative environment where we can brainstorm ideas and craft a compelling script and storyboard that truly reflects your brand, aspirations, and objectives. Unless you are satisfied, we don’t leave your side.

Our services cost varies from project to project. It depends on what you want us to shoot. To get the best idea of videography cost, contact us with your project and we will assist you.

Being the best video productions company in Vancouver, we offer an array of video services to the corporate sector that includes filming for different business profiles, testimonial videos, interview videos, product videos, drone videos and more. Also, we are experts in sport event and animated video production.


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